Successful Laser Treatment Requires Your Commitment

Commitment is required to experience the full benefit of cosmetic laser treatments.

When you are considering laser treatments, whether for hair reduction, tattoo removal or something else, you need to be committed and adhere to the time frequencies of your treatments and the number of treatments required in order to gain the full benefit for your money.  I have seen patients who want to try a single treatment and spend their hard earned money in the hope that with one laser treatment their unwanted ink or unwanted hair is gone forever, for good.  Never will one laser treatment accomplish this feat.

Ideally, these people want the magic pill (or in this case, the magic laser) that resolves the tattoo or hair in one fell swoop.   That experience would be wonderful and miraculous, but unfortunately, instantaneous results do not happen.  In the case of hair removal, hair grows in cycles and laser only takes care of that cycle that is growing at the time of your treatment.  For tattoo removal, the ink in your skin is only shattered in part each time we treat you with the laser.  Your body then removes the ink particles by cellular digestion (phagocytosis by macrophages) and there it sits and waits to be eliminated from your body.

So, realize that while you are special person, you are not the unique case that will resolve your issue in one laser treatment. When you choose laser, commit to your treatments.  You’ll ultimately be glad you did because your long term result will be successful hair reduction or tattoo disappearance.