Why Your Insurance Does Not Pay for Your Cosmetic Laser Procedure

Many of my potential laser clients have asked why their insurance does not pay for their cosmetic laser procedure.  They ask that since they are coming to a doctor’s office for the treatment, shouldn’t all of this be covered by health insurance?

But just like car insurance where your insurance won’t pay for you to outfit your vehicle with spiffy spinner wheels, nor will it pay for your vehicle’s custom paint job, your health insurance doesn’t pay for you to improve your appearance with laser skin ablation, hair removal, or tattoo removal.  I often ask tattoo removal patients when they ask this question, whether their insurance paid the tattoo artist to adorn their skin with that tattoo they are wanting removed now.  Their answer is 100% “no”.

Generally, items like cosmetic laser or custom paint jobs that improve the appearance of you or your car, will not be covered by your insurance.   Health insurance doesn’t care if you look good; it’s only designed to cover treatment to improve or maintain your health.   That said, you can and should make the decision to be responsible for your own appearance.  Whether it involves gentle soap and daily moisturizer on your skin, or laser treatments to rid yourself of unsightly hair growing in odd places or funky age spots that have seemingly just happened over time, you are the one ultimately responsible for your appearance and the only one to be motivated to do something about it.  


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