Skin spots making you older than you are? Try doctor-performed laser treatments!

As we age, the appearance of our skin changes.  The smooth, flawless skin we are born with gives way to imperfections that demonstrate the life we have led.  While some people may wear their wrinkles and spots and scars with pride, many of us don’t like what time has done to our appearance, and we seek to change it.

While nothing can restore your skin to baby skin perfect again, laser treatments can help improve the appearance of some of these imperfections.

Take pigmentary changes, for example.  Uneven skin pigment results from a variety of insults to your skin including sun damage, resulting in freckles and solar lentigines, acne, scarring, and melasma.   The cause of the pigment spots on your face (sun damage, inflammation reactions as with acne/trauma, hormonal changes) may be different from your friend’s pigment spots, so the laser treatment to correct the problem for each individual person is different. 

One laser does not correct all pigment problems, and that’s why I have 4 (yes, four) to choose from when it comes to treating your pigment concerns.   Additionally, targeting the correct layer of skin that the pigment resides in is an important decision in determining the correct laser to use, and knowing what laser wavelengths can be safely used on the various skin complexions (Fitzpatrick skin types) is also important to determine prior to getting any laser treatment.

Many spas will try to sell you on a certain brand of laser which will be touted to cure all of your skin concerns.  Keep in mind that one laser does not do everything for everybody.   I would love to get my hands on that too good to be true device, but it does not exist.  Don’t be roped into believing everything you see advertised.

Your safety is always my first concern when you become my laser patient.  That’s why I am the only one to do your laser treatments.  Understanding the technology and using it medically appropriately avoids undesirable outcomes.

We all want to look our best.  Let’s work together on it.  Call me today.