The Ideal Deal


Is your laser hair removal package less than an ideal deal?  Some spas advertise by making consumers think they are getting a tremendous deal by getting 50-60% off of the spa’s regular prices.  In truth, these spas raise their prices so that they can reduce them with these savings to give you the impression that you are getting a bargain.  Do your homework and comparison shop for your laser treatment.  I’ll save you the phone call to find out my prices for laser hair removal by listing them below.  And, by the way, I haven’t changed them since I started doing laser hair removal 11 years ago.

Keep in mind that Groupon looks like a good deal initially.  But will the spa continue the pricing for you after completing your Groupon deal, or does your pricing revert to the unaffordable pricing they first discounted to lure you in?  Don’t be fooled; be savvy and smart with your money; that is the true way to get your ideal deal.


Dr. O’Young’s Laser Hair Removal Prices

Underarms                               $125/tx

Lip                                              $99/tx

Chin                                           $125/tx

Lip & Chin                                 $150/tx

Legs (upper or lower)             $299/tx

Full Legs and Feet                   $499/tx

Full Back and Shoulders         $499/tx

Prices quoted are for single treatments.  You’ll need on average 6-8 consecutive treatments every 4-6 weeks to be initially treated.  Touch ups may be needed months or years later.  Packages of buy 4 get 5 are available if you pay up front at the first visit.  On the 6th treatment of that body area, that area becomes half price forever in my office.

Example:  Underarms-  Package of 5 purchased at 1st visit = $500/pkg.  On 6th underarm treatment and all later underarm treatments, price is $62.50