Tattoo Regret Comes From ...

  • Having a name of someone you don’t like anymore permanently inked upon your arm or neck.
  • Getting passed over for a promotion because you have a tattoo that doesn’t match the company’s professional image.
  • Being rejected by the military because you got inked one spring break back in your rebellious days.
  • Finding out that the Chinese character that emblazons your skin doesn’t mean what you thought it did.

If you have tattoo regret, laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser is a solution to your problem. The laser light shatters the pigment below the surface, then relies upon your own body’s defense cells (known as macrophages) to digest it and remove it from your body. The process takes about six weeks to get from shattering to elimination, so that’s how we set up your appointments. The PicoSure laser is the latest technology to remove your tattoo. Older systems took years to remove a tattoo. PicoSure removes that same tattoo by faster clearance with fewer treatments.

Our PicoSure laser is equipped with 3 wavelengths to effectively remove all colors of ink.  The original 755nm wavelength allows us to attack the black ink and hard to treatment pigments like blue, green and purple.  The 532nm wavelength attacks red, yellow and orange pigment.  The 1064nm handpiece enables us to treat darker complexions with picosecond technology much safer than ever before!

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